Multiplying users' emotions

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The role of emotional behaviour in complex hedonistic products is underrated

For whom

Internal project


Research, UI, UX, 3D, Interactions


8 months

While business goals are often quite broad, design KPIs tend to be oversimplified and mostly quantitative – numbers of clicks to reach the goal, seconds per page or engagement/retention rate. But there is a different approach.

Project background

The competition in the industry of online casinos is huge and forces most businesses to pay an extreme percentage/amount of fees to affiliates in order to get new users. However, attracting new customers is only a small part of the user acquisition chain.

Once a user visits an online casino, it is crucial to offer him/her something to remember. Perfect functioning and friendly UX are basics, but nowadays a remarkable brand, advanced features, and most importantly, emotions can provide the required impact.

Enhancing and multiplying users' emotions to create loyalty and brand awareness

Obviously, the whole concept of casino is based on emotional behaviour rather than thinking and one's rational approach. The fundamental gambling ludic loops include uncertainty, anticipation and feedback (sometimes positive). While we cannot control these main loops, we can build additional positive emotions around them and expand the effect to motivate people to invest more of their time in acquiring pleasant feelings.


What we did

With this idea in mind, we created an image and functionality that arouse emotions on four different levels and within different sequences in order to provide a motivation distributed over time.

Personalised selection of games and events is a reward in a standby mode that offers comfort and convenience when users need and seek understanding.
Rankings and stats are a constant motivation and occasional bounty for active users making this a long-play loop with a valuable prize.
Social components with human faces in live casinos or communication between users create a feeling of community and appraisal.
Big-prize tournaments and regular drops are a regular and rather expectative risky event that brings a lot of adrenaline and even dophamine.
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